Marketing a property for sale requires much more than listing the property on the MLS, holding open house events, running some ads and sending postcards. Catherine understands market trends and utilizes her creative techniques and cutting edge marketing plans that bring results. Sellers benefit from her effective and profitable ideas to sell their home including tax deferred exchanges. Who you work with matters.

Experience Matters

Catherine has more than 37 years of experience in the Southern California residential and commercial real estate markets. In addition to selling primary residential properties throughout Southern California, Catherine has extensive experience in finding the right properties for first time home buyers, small real estate investors, large investors and groups of investors who collaborate on her real estate deals.

Don’t Settle For A Cookie-Cutter Approach To Selling Your Home

Commanding the highest price for your home requires flexible tactics and a strategic marketing plan that’s cohesive with the ever changing market. Catherine Robinson delivers what most other realtors can’t – a strong competitive edge!

  • Catherine Will Negotiate The Highest Price For Your Home: She has a proven record of success in negotiating the highest prices across a variety of real estate property types. Unlike other realtors who only work in a single city or neighborhood, Catherine has successfully sold homes and properties throughout Southern California. Her broader success and experience in marketing various property types, contributes to her understanding of a home’s value and how to effectively price your home
  • Catherine Will Get Your Property In Front Of A Larger, Diverse Audience: Catherine has built relationships over 37 years with a broad national client database including her clients, business owners, exchangers and a variety of real estate investors and investment groups – this means that she is not limited to a local audience.
  • Catherine Has The Ability To Offer Flexible, Creative And Exchange Options: Because Catherine is a real estate “deal maker” (versus a transaction facilitator/processor), she knows how to talk the language of a diverse group of potential buyers based on their diverse needs as well as create options for the seller to receive payment for their property (i.e. some clients may benefit by receiving compensation/consideration for their property in different forms or schedules)
  •  Catherine Offers Clients The Ability To Expand Their Assets/Portfolio To The Next Level: Whether you’re ready to purchase your next piece of real estate or want to invest in her next group investment, Catherine is your one-stop realtor/real estate investment advisor. There’s no reason to go anywhere else.
  •  Catherine Performs At The Highest Levels Of Success, Integrity And Ethics: In addition to her strong values, Catherine truly cares about the success of her clients – and it shows. Her mission is to provide you with the best real estate experience with total peace of mind.

What Does This Mean To You?

Whatever you need, Catherine Robinson will be by your side to strategically advise and guide you through what can be a complex process. She’s a pro at optimizing your time and assets which will result in greater peace of mind.

Schedule Your Free Real Estate Strategy Plan Assessment With Catherine Today.