What is Real Estate Syndication?

A real estate Syndication offers individual investors the opportunity to pool their money with other like-minded investors in the ownership of real estate. The investment property can be residential, commercial or multifamily units. The Syndicator, (aka Group Sponsor,) provides a property information package with projected returns and presents it to investors in the form of a Property Package.

Why do I need a Syndicator?

The Syndicator, (aka Group Sponsor) creates opportunities for qualified individual investors to participate with other like-minded investors in the ownership of real estate through a pooling process that is often referred to as a “Syndication‟. A Syndication enables an individual investor to participate in and leverage into larger deals than he/she would have the financial ability to do so, and/or don’t have the time or inclination to learn every aspect of owning and managing a real estate investment on their own.

Where do I find a Syndicator?

As a  Group Sponsor we capitalize on opportunities created by the current market conditions and leverages our expertise and experience to create profitable investments for the individual passive investors who we bring together under the syndication. The ownership interests of the investors (aka “members”) of the Syndication are secured by the real estate.

We take our role as Group Sponsor very seriously, and are committed to maintaining the highest standards of care with respect to the acquisition, oversight, management, and disposition of the property.

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