Catherine Robinson as featured in Pandemonium magazine.


Catherine’s Focus – Your Financial & Lifestyle Goals

Catherine’s clients have many different needs, aspirations and financial requirements. Her focus is to advance you toward your financial and lifestyle goals, using real estate as a key tool. What sets Catherine apart from other Brokers is that she combines her extensive real estate experience and knowledge along with her passion to serve, to accomplish the most advantageous results for her clients.

As a real estate investment Broker and strategist, Catherine Robinson is a leader in the real estate market for more than 37 years. She is a trusted advisor who represents investors, home buyers, sellers, agents and brokers who require the highest levels of expertise, industry knowledge, integrity, and a genuine passion for service. Her proven “outside the box” creative strategies, solutions and tax deferred exchanges have consistently produced exceptional results for her clients.

Since her first real estate investment in a home which was sold for a profit, allowing Catherine to purchase a home for her parents and a larger investment property, she remains disciplined, conservative and diligent in seeking the best value for each investment opportunity. Catherine finds it personally rewarding to build long-term relationships with her clients. Often they call on her for other real estate needs that include sales of residential and commercial properties, and more complex transactions including tax deferred exchanges that require her expertise.


Catherine partners with real estate investors ranging from beginners to seasoned professionals to achieve the most advantageous real estate opportunities and investments. She works with individual investors and those who prefer to partner with other investors in group investments (syndications). As the person heading up the group investments (syndicator), she spearheads the structuring of entities, deals and acquisitions, and seeks out the best partners. Catherine provides tangible investment opportunities nationwide.


Catherine has traveled the United States hosting lectures and workshops on real estate investing. In addition to authoring the top-selling Real Estate Made Simple manual that was used in her workshops, Catherine also co-authored numerous other real estate investment publications and traveled to host seminars for Brokers, Agents and the general public.

Catherine is a successful real estate Broker, investor, entrepreneur, Internet marketer, and pioneer of video streaming advertising. She is a member of the Orange Coast Exchangors, National Council of Exchangors, Apartment Association of Orange County, International Council of Shopping Centers (ICSC), Certified Commercial Investment Member Candidate, and numerous other Real Estate, Investor organizations. She is an active member in the community and is a regular volunteer with a military outreach ministry that supports thousands of soldiers and their families.