Southern California is one of the most desirable and growing areas in the United States. For this reason, it continues to be an ideal place for investors to invest in real estate. Catherine Robinson provides tangible investment opportunities for investors throughout the United States.

Catherine Robinson advises the most discerning investors. She’s been using her bankable knowledge for more than 37 years to benefit her clients. She works with individuals, beginner and seasoned investors to put their money to work in ways that may enhance their cash flow, equity buildup, exchanges, medium and long-term wealth-building goals. Clients benefit from Catherine’s own investment experiences and market-specific expertise in real estate acquisitions, sales and exchanges.

A singular focus.

  • Although Catherine’s clients have many different goals and needs, her focus remains the same – to help them achieve their financial and lifestyle goals, using real estate as a key mechanism to acquire the necessary wealth, cash flow, and leverage.
  • Catherine combines her own investing experiences in the diverse real estate markets and creative deal structuring with her diligent work ethic and passion to serve clients with the highest level of integrity in the industry.
  • Catherine puts her strong and effective marketing, negotiating and sales strategies to work for sellers of residential, commercial, and multi-family properties who desire to sell or exchange their properties quickly. Property investors and sellers richly benefit from Catherine’s extensive knowledge of how to structure transactions and achieve the bottom line benefits that they seek.

A Real Estate Syndication creates opportunities to invest in Real Estate:

A syndication enables an individual investor to participate in larger deals than he or she might otherwise do on their own. For investors who don’t have the time or inclination to learn every aspect of owning and managing a real estate investment, a syndication enables the investor to leverage the skills and experience of her team of seasoned real estate professionals and be a passive investor. Benefits that individuals seek in choosing to join Catherine and other investors in a group investment include:

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